On August 17, 2021, Tropical Depression Fred caused heavy flooding in Western North Carolina. Many people lost their homes, all of their possessions, and in some cases, their lives. At least four people have been confirmed dead in our neighboring Haywood county as of Saturday morning.

Before we dive into the photos, please take a moment and consider what you can do to aid survivors. Here are a few options we've collected. Please reach out to us at Editor@AshevilleFreePress.com if you'd like us to add anything to this list.

  • Canton, a city in Haywood County, was among the hardest hit. You can email stormrelief@cantonnc.com if you'd like to help. Please include the following: Name, contact (email, phone), and what you can assist with (donations, meals, housing, manual labor, professional services, etc.)
  • Asheville's BeLoved has called for donations of money, tents, sleeping bags, bottled water, flashlights, pop-top canned food, lighters, Sterno, toiletries, first-aid supplies, children's toys and books, baby supplies, and more. You can Venmo them: @BeLoved-Asheville
  • Donations of supplies and funds can be made to Feeding the Multitude, a Canton-area mutual aid program. See their page for the latest on supply donation drop-off locations. You can Venmo them: @FTM6375
  • Asheville Survival Program is continuously working with the Asheville area unhoused community, and unhoused folks are always among the hardest hit with disasters like these. Asheville Survival Program is on Instagram @avlsurvival. You can Venmo them: @AVLSurvival

French Broad river, surrounded by greenery, with a bridge crossing over. River is flooding.
French broad river overflowing
Wet groundhog is sitting by side of road, next to guiard rails. There is aFlooded creek behind the groundhog
Displaced groundhog crying wet from the floodwaters
Sidewalk and road in river arts district covered in flood waters. Orange “Road closed” sign in the background with red and white striped barricade
River arts district flooded over the closed road sign and sidewalks.
Road bends around a curve, water is flowing over the road and a parking lot beside the road. A billboard in the background reads “Moe Monday” with a burrito advertisement
Flooding on Swannanoa River Rd
Brown water and greenery
Swannanoa river overflowing with flood water
Brown water filling a parking lot, two warehouse style buildings visible, along with an overturned green city trashcan
Swannanoa river rd flooding into buildings and over cars
White house on left side of frame, the house’s backyard is flooded.Sheds and other houses are submerged in the water.
Haw Creek in the Haw Creek Neighborhood flooding into houses and overtaking arco rd
Pale green house on left side of frame, backyard full of brown flood waters
Haw creek neighborhood flooded.
Flooded street with railroad bridge over top. Stop sign and public trashcan peek over top of the water. Bridge has a sign that reads “River Arts District”
River arts district by White Duck Taco flooding the railroad tunnel

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