Yesterday, the Citizen Times reported that a Woodfin officer named Jason Gregg tased a Black man named Jonathan Barker on August 24th, outside of an industrial supply store on Riverside Drive.

Michael Dykes, Woodfin's Police Chief, told the Citizen Times that Barker was "combative and charged at the officers."

A video Citizen Times obtained from a bystander tells a different story. The video shows that Barker was tased upon exiting his vehicle, after several minutes of police screaming at him. He did not charge, nor was he combative.

Let's not mince words, here: the cops lied. Again.

Note: We originally included a perfectly legal embed code here from the Citizen-Times, displaying the video of the incident. The Citizen-Times has responded to that by threatening The Asheville Free Press with legal action. At this time, we have removed the link. Read more about that situation here:

Citizen Times Threatens The Free Press: Remove Link to Video of Police Violence
The Asheville Citizen Times’ Executive Editor, Jewell Walston, sent an email to The Asheville Free Press this morning demanding that we remove the link to their video of a Black man, Jonathan Barker, being tased by Woodfin police. Note: Despite saying “Second notice,” this is the first we’ve heard f…

Barker is, as of writing, still being held in Buncombe County Detention Center on charges of assaulting an officer. His bond is set at $50,000.

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