On February 15, 2022, Asheville Police Department (APD) finalized and released its new policy on encounters with unhoused residents. The document was released to us via email by APD spokesperson Samantha Booth.

The previous iteration of the policy stated that officers would give residents 7-days notice for camp eviction. It also said that officers would provide "resource cards" outlining outreach assistance options. Both of these requirements have been removed.

Ostensibly, officers will give 24 hours notice for camp eviction from city-owned property under the new policy. However, there are several caveats.

In the case of any "safety or security concern... [which] includes but is not limited to, any impediment to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, etc.," officers can evict residents immediately.

It also allows them to enforce trespassing against "any persons present on posted city property past a designated closing time" without prior notice.

Despite being finalized on February 15, 2022, Asheville Police have acted according to this new policy since at least December 19, 2021.

You can view the new policy below.

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